Assignment 4’s Solution Posted

15 02 2013

Since we didn’t have a formal tutorial for A#4 and the coming one after the break will mainly review the midterm#1, the solution for A#4  is posted here.

Have a nice reading break!


Midterm#1 Solution Posted

12 02 2013

You can check it out here:  Solutions Math 256 Midterm #1

  • There won’t be another assignment for some time.
  • The tutorial right after the break will help you review the questions on this midterm.

Assignment 4 posted

8 02 2013

Here is your last assignment before the break.

You are strongly encouraged to start on it early and bring your questions to the Tuesday lecture. The usual Monday tutorial WON’T be held next week due to an official university holiday.

Have a nice weekend! And happy Chinese New Year 🙂

You can download it from here:  Math 256 Assignment 4

Due at classtime, Thursday 14th