TA Info

The course TAs (see below) won’t hold additional tutorials/OHs.

However, MLC will be open during exam period. You are welcome to visit with your questions!

Good luck on your final!


Laura Liao                                                                                     

Email: lliao@math.ubc.ca

MLC Hours:

(NOTE: this schedule below is not for the April exam period)

For this week:
Tues March 12, 930-1030 am
Wed March 13, 230-330 pm and 530-630 pm

Otherwise, they are usually:
Mon 930-1030 am and 130-230 pm
Tues 930-1030 am    (NEW!) Fri 1-2pm

Mengdi Hua

Email: huamengd@math.ubc.ca

MLC Hours:

Sorry but I don’t tutor in MLC this term.

However, you are very welcome to meet me after my tutorial session.


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